"this runstop-restore record fucking RULES" - Chris Page


Single Sided/Triple Density
An epic in under 20 minutes

The following tracks are from our new EP. You can pick up this CD in "real" form at one of our shows, or at a number of fine record shops around Ottawa. We'll also have this and other fine crap available for ordering online in the near future.

If you are going to listen to these tracks more than once (and we know you will!), please use the 'download' link below. (You may have to press "shift" or "option" while clicking to properly save the song on your computer). This saves us bandwidth costs. We will use these savings to buy even more music equipment we don't need. And beer.

  Low Bandwidth High Bandwidth Download
New Wage * * *
Pensacola, Fld. * * *
Her Hair Was On Fire * * *
Party * * *
Pasadena, Nfld. * * *